iphone SE vs galaxy s7 mini

Apple iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7 Mini Comparison

iphone SE vs galaxy s7 miniApple iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7 Mini Comparison

Apple iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7 Mini comparison can be a good tagline in a newspaper or in the social media. Then, a lot of people will make fuss and the rumor will be booming for days. As internet has been the most useful and beneficial way to gain lots of information, the comparison of these two massive brands can be the hottest topic to talk about. The battle between 7.6 mm body of iPhone SE and 9.7 mm body of Galaxy S7 will be the biggest war of specs.

Specs Comparison between Apple iPhone SE and Galaxy S7 Mini

Here it is, we will get started reviewing the specs comparison of Apple iPhone SE and Galaxy S7 Mini. For the display, iPhone SE uses 1136 x 640pixels in 4 inches retina display with the fingerprint feature while S7 Mini uses 720 x 1080 pixels in 4.7 inches display in Super AMOLED.

Although iPhone SE has 1 GB RAM less than S7 which make people get disappointed about less performance iPhone will make, people can figure out that Apple chooses Apple A9 with Dual Core 1.84 GHz as its processor while S7 uses Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 Octa. This should make the people busily think which one stands out over another.

Apple iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7 Mini comparison will be continued to each feature. Different brand will have different features that happen in both iPhone and also Samsung Galaxy S7. Apple iPhone SE has the feature of 1/3” sensor size with 1.22 µm pixel size while Samsung provides ½.6” sensor size with 1.4 µm pixel size. Both of them have the touch focus, geo-tagging, and also face detections as well.

Being sold in 399 USD in 16 GB variant, people notice that iPhone SE is going to be the cheapest mobile device that Apple had ever launched for its previous history. For 64 GB, the iPhone SE will be sold in 499 USD and Samsung S7 will be in the price of 599 USD. These prices are way cheap compared with the tons of features people can get used to.

For the release date, people still have not felt assured yet when precisely Apple iPhone SE and Galaxy S7 mini will be together launched. As what it is being gossiped, iPhone SE will be available in global market on 24 March for those pre-orders while the first April all people will be able to buy them without pre-order. You can get all this information by looking thoroughly at the Apple iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7 Mini comparison.

galaxy s7 avs note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7

galaxy s7 avs note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7 is actually a battle from the same mother, the same company, and also the same quality. Both of them have been officially things that make the people feel excited to have one of them based on each feature. Let us get started with the different specifications between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Different Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7

From the CPU, S7 uses the Quad core Snapdragon 820 in 2.15 GHz dual core Kryo while Note 5 uses the Octa Core Exynos 7420 with 2.1 GHz quad core ARM Cortex-A53. Note 5 has 0.6 inches wider and larger than S7 as it is in 5.7 inches while S7 only 5.1 inches.  It is just a problem of preferable size of the screen. In fact, when the problem of size does not matter to you, you can skip it into the next features of this comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7.

Camera can be an essential matter when it comes to taking photos. Then you need to choose the one with the best camera. Indeed, both of them come from the same company but the different features can make different expectation too. For Samsung Galaxy S7, the people can notice its 5 MP front camera and 16 MP main camera. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 5 uses 5 MP front camera and 12 MP main camera. This feature really pampers all Android users especially those who like to take a lot of photos.

What we can specifically divide the camera that both have are that S7 actually has larger point of view which cannot be captured by Note 5 from the same spot where you are standing. Whenever you want to capture the photos at night, S7 should be your one and only choice overall. Galaxy Note 5 is a good choice for those people who like the brighter and saturated color in the photos they have captured. Besides, it has brighter lighting than the S7.

Instead of talking about its differences, there are some similar things about both Note 5 and S7. The size of RAM is all the same in 4 GB and the battery life span is both in 3000 mAh. Overall, whatever your choice is, you can choose the one out of another which fits your budget, your features you need, and all the necessity. Which one do you choose between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7?

galaxy note edge vs note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note Edge

galaxy note edge vs note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note Edge is a spec battle made by the people to differentiate which one comes out better and which one has the best features needed by the people. They come out from the same company and even they bring the same name of Note series made by Samsung. What are the differences of these two products? Let us find the answers by using the comparison below.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge

The comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge is hoped to be able to make the precise comparison between these two products from the same mother and underline the features that both of them have, of course with the clear explanations too. From the size of the screen, the Note 5 is made in the size of 5.70 inches while Edge is a bit smaller in 5.60 inches. However when it comes to the resolution of the display, Edge comes out better than Note 5. Produced in 1440×2560 pixels, Note 5 cannot beat the 1600×2560 pixels of Note Edge.

galaxy note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note Edge have the same the same storage size in 32 GB and the same capacity of the battery exactly in 3000 mAh. Note 5 is completed with 4 GB RAM while the Note Edge only uses 3 GB RAM. The bigger the RAM is, the faster the people enjoy the usage of the phone without any disturbance like loading too long or anything.

Another comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge is about the camera. The need of capturing photos can be pleased in both devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has 16 MP rear camera as the main camera while its front camera is 5 MP. Different from Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note Edge has 16 MP rear camera and 3.7 MP front camera for those who like to have some shots from the front camera. Thus, you can keep capturing your moments with both mobile devices mentioned above.

Overall, both Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and also Samsung Galaxy Note Edge are created to satisfy all needs for the people who are deeply in love with Samsung’s product. Based on your need, you choose one out of these two options that come along. Either Note 5 or Note Edge might have its pros and cons. Then you can make your own answer from Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note Edge.

galaxy note 5 pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Review | Specs | Price | Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Review | Specs | Price | Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has finally waved its launching flag in this year. As Note 4 has gained lots of success, Note 5 has been the object that has been waiting by the people. Note 4 had no competition before in the group of phablet but it was still able to win over iPhone 6 plus. What is so special about this Galaxy Note 5 that people chase this product to own so badly?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

Normally, each product will be competed with its pros and also cons. This Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review will give you the complete result of these pros and cons. The pros of Note 5 are its best design, its astonishing S-Pen, the wireless in ultra speed charging, stunning camera, and also good display. Samsung usually emphasizes its new product on the design and great quality. The S-Pen for this Note 5 gets more sensitive so that you do not have to press it too hard and too rough.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs

The new innovative that is made of Samsung is its way of charging. The newer version of Samsung makes the people able to have their phones charged by using wireless in ultra speed charging. Its 3000 mAh battery will be full after being charged for 120 minutes and it will last for 24 hours. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review also underlines its cons as well. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not completed with the microSD card. It is quite essential for the people who like to capture everything they see through camera and video. For the storage, unlike iPhone that has 128 GB storage option, Samsung needs to cross out this feature.galaxy note 5 pictures

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs can be divided as follow. Note 5 uses the processor of Exynos 7420 in Octa-core processor with the metal frame too. This mobile device has 2K display of resolution in 4GB RAM and 4K resolution video. New innovative feature of Samsung Pay makes you enable to buy music through your mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s price is divided into 2, based on the colors. They are the gold color and the black color. The gold is much cheaper than the black one. If you are interested in buying the gold, you need to spend at about 700 USD while the black costs at around 720 USD.

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galaxy note 5 vs iphone 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Comparison

galaxy note 5 vs iphone 6Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 war, which one will you choose? There are some who would answer Note 5 and there are some other people who oppose that answer. The comparison of these two products of mobile device has led the people to make their own conclusion. However, whatever the conclusion they made it would end in their preferable brand. It sounds quite cliché thus you need to know everything about these two products before making your own conclusion.

The Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6

The comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6 will be mentioned as follow. As Galaxy Note 5 has bigger screen and bigger display in 153x76x7.6 mm then it is heavier than iPhone 6 that has 129 gram in 138x67x6.9 mm. It means that if you prefer to have bigger size of the mobile device and you want to have better way to grip, then you can go for the Samsung Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 uses 4 GB of RAM with the Octa-core processor while iPhone 6 is equipped itself with 1 GB RAM only in the processor of dual-core. However, for the body material, both of them use the same high-end metal and also glass casing as they are all the premium smartphone. Super AMOLED in 5.7 inches with 515 pixels of 2560×1440 can be found in Galaxy Note 5 while iPhone 6 uses LED retina display with 326 pixels in its 4.7 inches screen with 750×1334 display.

For the battery, iPhone uses the 10 hours of the battery life. Compared to iPhone, Note 5 is armed with the 3000 mAh battery for doing all tasks and daily activities that you do with your mobile device. For Samsung users, all of you can be excited by the fast charging of its wireless charging feature. Thus, you can get a half of the full battery life only in 30 minutes or even less than that.

Talking about the variant of both Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6, both of them do not have the SD card slot. However, Apple offers 3 variants of storage like 16, 64 and 128 GB while Samsung only provides 32 and 64 GB storage to take use. The software used in each product is iOS 8 for Apple iPhone 6 and Android 5.1 Lollipop for the Galaxy Note 5. Yet, all the decision is based on your preference whether you enjoy using Apple or Samsung product.

iPhone 8s rumors release date pictures

iPhone 8s Concept | Rumors | Release Date | price

iPhone 8s rumors release date picturesiPhone 8s Concept | Rumors | Release Date

iPhone 8s concept is nearly the same with those concepts that can be found in iPhone 8. Whenever the new iPhone version has been released, the features get more spectacular from time to time. The reaction of the people can vary from one another. Normally, the difference of the iPhone series with the S series behind the product only relies on its camera. They have nearly the same size of the phone although looking at the iPhone 6 series, they have different sizes of the mobile devices.

Let us say like iPhone 6 has the size of 5.44 inches or about 138,1 mm while the iPhone 6s has 5.44 inches or about 138,3 mm. It is kind of tricky, is not it? For the iPhone 6 plus uses 6.22 inches or about 158,1 mm while iPhone 6s plus is in the measurement of 6.23 inches or about 158,2 mm. Indeed, the difference is not that much and even it is not important as 1 or 2 mm does not mean anything.

The Rumors of iPhone 8s

iPhone 8s rumor is something that has not even be imagined by the people especially the Apple users. However, the rumor spreads about this 8s is about the features. The display of this iPhone 8s and iPhone 8 does not have much difference. The rumor of iPhone 8’s display will be at around 6 to 6.5 inches and iPhone 8s will have the same size as well. However it has not been informed officially yet.

What the people really expect from the iPhone 8s rumor is about the features. They are the camera, the battery, memory, RAM, and even the price. For your information, this upcoming iPhone 8s can be your new companion after buying it at around 1199$ to 1599$ looking at the price for iPhone 8. This is only the estimation price from the rumor.

The combination of both 14 MP main camera and 4 MP front camera really makes your moments look like real. Using 2500 mAh battery Li-on and 4GB RAM makes you operate this mobe device more comfortably.

iPhone 8s Release Date

as iPhone 8 has not been launched, then there is still no information about iPhone 8s release date precisely. In fact the iPhone 8 will be launched approximately in the last quarter of 2017. It is a good way for all of you to earn money from now on. Have you been interested with this entire iPhone 8s concept?

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3

samsung galaxy grand 3 release date | Price | Specs

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specs | Price | Release date

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specifications are what the people do feel curious about. They want to know so badly about the descendants of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 that had gained a lot of success in the past. Having the desire of gaining at least the same success or even more than that, Samsung sets the price of Grand 3 in reasonable way.

Specification of this Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 starts from the upgradable Android v4.4.4 with 5.25 inches HD display will have no lacks when it comes to the screen. For keeping the records of the data, 16GB internal storage in 1.5GB RAM should be able to keep them safe. For browsing, Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 has the 3G or 4G LTE, EDGE, and also GPRS. Moreover, this dual sim gadget has 13 MP primary camera and also 5MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 PriceSamsung Galaxy Grand 3 specification

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 price will always be still on budget. It seems that the series of Galaxy Grand always come for the teenagers who want to upgrade their smartphone to be more sophisticated. Comparing about the price of Galaxy Grand series with the Galaxy Note will cost much. If you cannot stand waiting for the estimated price given to you, you can start to earn your money so that you are able to buy it whenever this Galaxy Grand 3 has been officially released.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specifications are much beneficial than its predecessor. Then people can compare the price of Grand 3 with Grand 2. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 cost for about 250 USD to 350 USD with the capacity that should not be bargained. As the new series bring more features and more sophisticated look of the smartphone, the price would be higher than its predecessor. All the buyers need to prepare some money for about 350 USD to 400 USD to bring this Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 home.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 release date was actually set to launch its product between April and also May in 2015 but somehow something happened and Samsung had to postpone its launched into the end of year in 2015. But, once again the buyers went dissatisfied because another delay keeps coming. There has not been any further information about this Galaxy Grand 3 product. Then we will inform you with the further update if there are more Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specifications.

samsung galaxy A9 specifications

Samsung Galaxy A9 Specifications | Price | Release Date

samsung galaxy A9 specs price release dateSamsung Galaxy A9 Specifications | Features | Price | Release Date

Samsung Galaxy A9 specifications are always something that grabs the people’s attentions. After its Galaxy A9 launching in China and other developing countries, people are totally enthusiastic with this metal body with premium features as well. It does not only provide the stunning specs but also the sexy designs too. That is why the proverb of never judging a book over its cover seems to fit this A9 perfectly. What are the Samsung Galaxy A9 features that people can take use whenever they have bought this smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy A9 Features

Samsung Galaxy A9 specifications are its 6.0 inches display in Full HD Super AMOLED covered in 2.5D curved glass. It means that it is time for you to let go of your current mobile phone which has its flat surfaces. Snapdragon 620 processor and 3 GB RAM will make sure that your working activity through its phone will never give you obstacles. Its pretty champagne gold, pearl white or silver, and black color will show you how beautiful pictures are taken in f/1.9 aperture lenses.samsung galaxy A9 specifications

The configuration of Samsung Galaxy A9 uses different kinds of networks like EDGE, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, GPRS, NFC, and also A-GPS. These networks can be chosen based on your needs and based on the environment you are in right now. People can access this smartphone through the fingerprint sensor. Besides, there are compass, gyro, proximity, and also accelerometer which are all usable too. Taking a lot of photos will never be burdensome as its 13 MP primary camera with 1080 pixels and 5 MP front camera make your photos are as real as the truth.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Price

After looking thoroughly at the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A9, can you guess about the Samsung Galaxy A9 price? Due to its premium quality, this Galaxy A9 is supposed to be sold for the mid range people because the features are beyond the basic and the standard and the diverse of colors really please all the users maximally. Being sold in the price of 480 USD, Samsung Galaxy A9 sounds logical as the people are served with tons of impressive features to use.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy A9 release date was in the early of January 2016. Then it makes such a huge disappointment if you miss the chance of having this fabulous smartphone. In fact, all of your confusion before buying this smartphone will obviously vanish after reading thoroughly about the Samsung Galaxy A9 specifications.

galaxy s7 edge cases Spigen

Samsung Galaxy S7 and s7 edge Cases and Covers

galaxy s7 edge casesSamsung Galaxy S7 and s7 edge Cases and Covers

Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories are the essential covering for your lovely Samsung Galaxy S7. These accessories do not only stand as the decorative stuff but also as the protective covering from any kind of damage for your android. You do not want your precious smartphone got bumped hard with the sharp edge right? That is the main reason why the accessories of Samsung Galaxy S7 are needed. What are the accessories for the S7 series? Check the answers as follow.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge cases are available for all of the buyers to grab to enhance the usage of the smartphones more comfortably. Besides, these cases can increase the protection for yours. Have you ever heard about S7 Spigen case? It is a popular name when it comes to Samsung Galaxy case. The material of this case is mostly rubber with the high quality rubber as well. They offer some certain protection with different feature like the heavy duty, slim fit, matte finish, and also bumper style too.

The second option of Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories goes to Caseology cases. Compared to Spigen case, this case seems to be simpler and more classic. It has the color of rose pink with its luxury and elegance combined into a complete case package. Caseology case has 2 options like metallic brush finishes and also slim fit.galaxy s7 edge cases Spigengalaxy s7 edge cases Caseology

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Covers 

Samsung Galaxy S7 covers are meant to be the case of Galaxy S7 with the cover. Actually both the covers and the cases of Samsung Galaxy S7 are available not only for the S7 itself but also for S7 edges as well. There are some official accessories which bring the brand of Samsung. Why we suggest the official one? The fake or the artificial one cannot blend with the phone well. Whenever you close the cover, the phone turns to be off instead of turning it on shown at the front folio. Then, the official ones give you guarantee that your Samsung product will be well-protected.galaxy s7 edge covergalaxy s7 edge cover 2016

There are two names of accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S7. The first one is Samsung Galaxy S7 case LED view flip cover while the second one is Samsung Galaxy S7 case S-view clear flip cover. Both of them are available in black colors and they are sold in $59.9 and $69.9. S-view enables all the users to have stylish and complimentary look in luxurious mobile phone and provide the interactive window for the phone access. The second one also offers better features with cards or cash storage behind the cover. Do not forget to equip your S7 with Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs price rumors release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs | Price | Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs price rumors release dateSamsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs | Price | Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specifications are rumored to have newer design which is totally impressive and bigger display of AMOLED. Some rumor leaked is that this Galaxy Note 6 is said to have flexible display. What is the meaning of flexible display? It is a kind of display that can be folded or usually in flip version. This statement also breaks the rumor that Samsung has prepared everything continually to draw the people attention away from the upcoming Apple 5 SE. Rumor says that in the upcoming launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 6, there would be the normal display of the phone and the foldable display to choose.

Having the 6 inches display with 4K Resolution as another Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specifications,you should never put this gadget away from you because it has the right attraction that impresses with you well. 6GB RAM and either 32 or 64 GB internal storage are always ready to help you keep all the records of your data. Its 4000 mAh battery will accompany your busy working day with no worry.

summary of samsung galaxy note 6 specs :

  • 6-inch flexible display
  • Android Marshmallow
  • 4K Resolution
  • 16-Core processor
  • Exynos / Snapdragon Chipset
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 32 / 64 GB Internal Storage
  • Micro SD card support
  • 20 MP Primary camera
  • 4000 mAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 price has not been announced yet. In fact, all the people can estimate this price by comparing the price of this Samsung Galaxy Note 6 with its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Then of course it is going to be sold in higher cost rather than before. Some parties say that this Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be available in the general market from 750 USD to 800 USD. This price is something reasonable because the feature is more sophisticated and the facilities the people can have is more than before.

Galaxy Note 6 Price worldwide countries list:

Country Galaxy Note 6 Price Galaxy Note 6 Edge Price
Note 6 Price in USA 750 USD 850 USD
Note 6 Price in UK 450 Pound 500 Pound
Note 6 Price in India 50000 INR 60000 INR
Price in Australia 990 AUD 1100 AUD
Price in China 4900 Yuan 5100 Yuan
Price in UAE 2800 Dirham 3500 Dirham
Price in Europe 650 Euro 720 Euro
Price in Canada 900 CAD 1050 CAD

Samsung Galaxy Note Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date has not been officially confirmed as Samsung ever said that the company wants to release the new version of Galaxy Note Edge 2 after the Note 5 and before the 6 version. Thinking about the right release date of this Note 6 seems to be unpredictable as different people will have different time span they want to wait. Looking back at Samsung previous history, they usually have a launching promo between August and September. Thus, these two months can be probably the time for Samsung to launch Note 6. Have you decided to buy this Galaxy Note 6 after looking and reading thoroughly of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specifications? Make your move.